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2820 Lawndale Drive, Suite 302  -  Greensboro, NC  27408-4127  -   (336) 852-9241


Providing Computer and Networking Solutions continuously since 1983!

  • Designed for the needs of Business Clients!  Entre dedicates its focus to Business Clients only. Your company is our top priority! We offer our clients solutions first!
  • Top Quality Computer Systems and Networking Services! The first part of the solution... superior computer system hardware and Operating system.
  • Custom Server Designs using Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, Small Business Server 4.5 and 2000, NT 4 Server, and Novell NetWare 6. Entre can evaluate your company's needs and offer effective solutions.
  • Cable and Router installation with maintenance. Coax,  Twisted pair or Fiber,  LAN or WAN?  Hook the whole network to the Internet, with firewalls... We have your solution and FAST!
  • Full Installation of networks, including total seamless integration of your existing systems and the Internet!
  • More than 24 years of experience. Unlike the the "computer dude" down at 'Computer and Worthless Stuff Electronics Wonderworld' ... we actually KNOW what we're doing because we have ACTUALLY installed and serviced these systems since 1983!
  • End user training! Let's face it... if you and your employees can not use the system, it is totally worthless to you. Call Entre first for your training needs.
  • Internet Services! Home pages, domain name registrations and complete development of your web platform.  Entre has the solution right now!

These are a few of the industries for which we provide services...

  • Attorneys
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Universities
  • Physicians
  • POS Systems
  • Engineering
  • Realtors
  • Public Safety
  • Textiles
  • Communications

... and many others!



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